Becoming a one income family. Down to Earth.

“I’m queen of my home and here with my king, we grow, make, recycle, mend, bake, ferment, preserve, cook and do as much for ourselves as we can. Doing that helps us live a frugal life where we make the most of our assets and live according to our values and not those of multi-national corporations, advertising agencies or politicians who tell us to keep spending for the sake of the economy.”

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Becoming a one income family
Living on one income – part 2

Decluttered and healthy with Courtney Carver.

‘Minimalism is about living with less, simplifying your life, and finding happiness. But what about health benefits – can minimalism improve your physical body as well as your psyche?

Like many other Americans, Courtney Carver was stressed and overworked. She shopped for fun and constantly accumulated things.
“Maybe I told myself I was buying things because they would bring me joy,” she said. “But I was really buying to medicate myself from feeling the stress and being overwhelmed and working too hard.” ‘

Se video’en (og læs resten af teksten) med Courtney Carver fra Bemorewithless her:
Decluttered and healthy with Courtney Carver