“One day I found myself sitting at a computer and I lost the plot.”

Nedenstående tekst fandt jeg i Alys Fowlers bog “The Thrifty Gardener: How to Create a Stylish Garden for Next to Nothing” og det vakte genklang i mig. Ikke at jeg på nogen måder når Alys Fowler til sokkeholderne eller har haft mit eget tv-program men det her med at ønske sig ‘noget’ af livet for så at sidde foran computeren og søge og læse om det (og indtil fornylig formidle det videre i rigelige mængder) uden at leve det: DET genkender jeg. Og det er det, jeg ønsker at ændre på.

“My best claim to authority is that I love gardening, that I am passionate about plants and that I love dirt and the world around me. But there was a time when this passion drove me elsewhere. One day I found myself sitting at a computer and I lost the plot. Literally lost it, the place where I should have been – out in the dirt growing instead of writing about how others should do it. I’d become someone that would sooner talk about plants than grow them and it needed to be the other way around.

It’s an uneasy feeling knowing you’re not where you should be. I had a dream job making TV shows about gardening; this was supposed to be where it was at, but it wasn’t. To cut this story short, I changed jobs and went back outside. …I joined up as a fully fledged member of the slow movement. I ate slow, travelled slow, gardened slow, and even slowed down my bank account. Once I stopped separating my work from my identity, it all fell into place.”

Fra Kapitlet The slow track. “The Thrifty Gardener” af Alys Fowler